I’ve never been a sports person. As a kid I gave soccer a try but quickly realised it was not for me. PE in school for me was more an exercise in coming up with creative ways to get out of class. My interests where of the more geeky kind, roleplaying games, computer programming, story writing and book reading.

20160923_104351Later in life, connected to my interest in Japan, I practiced Aikido for about 3 years. This was the first time ever that I found true meaning and pleasure in physical exercises and I went all in. With a tight group of friends I practiced and trained on average 4-5 days each week. My body changed a lot during these years and for the first time ever I felt really confident and comfortable in my own physique.

The training ended with me moving to Japan, after which I had to stop the practice for practical (and sadly also political) reasons. My strength and general fitness quickly deteriorated and since then my weight and waistline has been on a roller coster ride of diets and rebounds.

In the spring of 2016 I decided it had to end.

Or maybe it was S who decided she was tired of hearing me wining about it :).

Either way, S put together a program of Squats, Planks, Push ups and crunches, which we both started to follow. After about 2 months I also started to run, slow and short at first but gradually increasing the distance and speed.

Lately both S and I got a gym membership and I’ve slowly started to actually see the results in the mirror.

Why am I doing this? To feel stronger, healthier and to maintain a better life rhythm. And because I miss knowing that I can rely on my own body’s basic physical strength when I need to.