Building the legs with a paddle shaped racquet

My friend P started playing Squash.

Of all sports…

Was my first reaction.

Then he kept asking me to join him, which had me even more perplexed.

Me? In a squash court? LOL…

But since P is really good at getting his way, after turning him down a couple of times I found myself standing in the court holding a borrowed racquet.

P gave me a crash course and we played through a string of games which mostly consisted of P serving and me running all over the place trying to catch the ball. I was afraid at first that it would be bad for my knee which was still giving me pain at the time, but after a rather intense hour I felt no pain or discomfort at all.

Until the day after when the muscles in my butt hurt like crazy. In the good way!

Turns out that the explosive start / stop movements of squash are really good for exercising your glutes and building strength in the upper legs. And to top it all, it was crazy fun.

Since then we’ve been playing almost every week (5 times now) and I’ve even managed to bet him in a set or two.

I really hope we (I?) can continue this as a complement to the running. What are your complements? Do you regularly practice any other sports besides running to help you build strength?


4 thoughts on “Building the legs with a paddle shaped racquet

  1. I’ve started cycling on my non-running days. My theory is that if my legs are strong, then maybe I can power through my October marathon, lol. Hope the squash goes well for you… it certainly can’t hurt, 😀

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      1. Actually both. When I can’t get outside because of rain, I have to get on the trainer. I live close to a run/bike trail so there’s no traffic, and I actually had my first outside ride the other night for 2017, yay!! 🙂

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      2. So lucky! I live close to a great outdoor area too but it’s too small for cycling. Great for running bout you have to go around a couple of times to even get to 10k…

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