I broke, but I’m working on it

Long story short:

Beginning of December I set out to run 15k, my longest distance ever. I had mapped a great route that would take me across a nearby island in the archipelago and the run was great for the first 13k, after that though I felt a knifing pain in my left knee and had to pretty much walk for the final 2k.

Suffice it to say that the pain has subsided somewhat thanks to visits to doctors, rests and some rehab exercising, but to this day I still can’t run more than 3k before I start to feel the same pain creeping back.

I’m working on slowly building back towards my old form, and at the same time figure out what is going on inside my knees. It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that this is the infamous Runner’s Knee, but the doctors are telling me it’s more likely something else.

Regardless, I need to build up my leg and core muscles before attempting any longer distances so I’m working on this in parallel.

Sorry for the slow updates, but at the moment motivation is somewhat low…