A long, slow run on the island

A long, slow run on the island

20.11.2016 – 1:25 h 13.22 km, Running Move

Hey everyone! As part of my Half marathon training program every Sunday is now a log and slow run. The aim is not to keep a certain pace or clear a certain distance, but instead to gradually get the body used to moving for a longer period of time. Thus the aim for today’s run was at least 75 min, preferable longer.

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-21-14-12Since I wanted to explore some new surroundings I had drawn up a new 12k route on the west side of the island of Lidingö. In the end I got lost for a bit and ended up running in a figure 8 instead of a circle. This extended my run to 13k at 85 minutes.

It was nice to run in the Mizuno Wave Riders again. Compared to the Asics Cumulus they are definitely more stiff and rigid, but they also feel more controlled. I feel like have a better connection with the ground, and they are a lot less forgiving when I get tired and start to strike to heavy on the heel.

That said, I think a lot of it comes down to finding the right way to run in each pair of shoes… Will have to work on that.

I stayed around 6-6:30 on pace and felt strong and good throughout the run. Next up is a shorter 40 min run, again at an easy tempo.

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5 Random Notes, Week 47

1. The Knee

Which could be the title of a runner’s horror movie, but is simply to say that my knee is still acting a little bit weird from time to time. Usually all is well during the run, but right after a 10k there is a little hint of pain which will go away in about 15 min.

It doesn’t seem to get worse or anything, I just don’t know what it could be… I have two ideas on what to do next though.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-16-18-09The first is to let a running specialist put me through a program called Motionmetrix, which measures a million things about the way you run. Supposedly it can help you identify problematic areas and motions that could be the cause of existing or future injuries.

The second idea is to se a chiropractor, but that sounds so boring compared to the first idea…

2. Tech

A little bit off-topic maybe but Microsoft has joined the Linux Foundation as a platinum member, which is simply mind blowing to me.

In the days of Gates I was a strong advocate of Linux and viewed MS as the worst enemy ever of free creativity. In the era of Ballmer however I discovered the amazing developer platform of Visual Studio and C# and that ended up paying my salary for almost 10 years as a developer.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-16-19-18But I never thought the day would come when MS fully embraces Linux and open source as a platform. Good for them! Salute! And yes it does awaken my old lust to code a bit… Perhaps I should build a little tool to keep track on my runs, that fixes all my gripes with Suunto’s Movescount website…

3. New Shoes

Thanks to my Birthday I ended up getting not one but two!! pairs of new shoes. I’ve now had a chance to run in both of them and I’m starting to see what the famed Asics cushioning is all about. Truly comfortable and cosy rides, especially on longer 10-20k runs.

I think for fast running the 10mm drop of the Cumulus series might be a bit too much, but the DynaFlyte (8mm) feels super quick and responsive.

I’ll write up some proper reviews ones I’ve put some more miles into them.

4. The Horses

L keeps making great progress on the horse riding lessons. She had a dip for a while after she saw a girl fall off, which got her scared of trotting, but after we met a new teacher who gave me some tips on how to better control the speed of the horse things have improved a lot.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-16-21-30I’m actually very impressed by her perseverance and tenacity. Even while it was scary she never skipped a lesson, and she always tried to trot at least for a few meters before the fear would grip her. It’s amazing to see. When I think back at myself in that age I’m not sure I would have had the courage to keep at it like she is.


Plus, I’m really starting to enjoy it as well. I’ve started looking forward to spending time with the horses, saddling and caring for them, and also of course training with L. If I had unlimited time and money I would have loved to take lessons as well. Maybe sometime in the future…

5. The Sickness

I’ve written before about S’s chronic disease and how it effects her life. It’s been with her since she was 13 and it’s never going away. But, the level of the symptoms can vary quite a lot from time to time, and lately she’s had a really stable and good period.

These days we are able to go to the gym together, sometimes several times a week, and it’s fantastic to see how much energy she has.

We both know the symptoms will come back at some point, there is no cure for her condition, but this will give her additional strength to ‘fight’ when the symptoms get worse.

I just wish we could also pack up and head out on a vacation. Now would have been the perfect timing and I think both she and L would have loved it…

Stats for the past 7 days:


10k Run in the rain, yay for the Cumulus GTX!

10k Run in the rain, yay for the Cumulus GTX!

20161118_09580210k in the rain. The GPS took like 8 minutes to get a lock which explains the odd map. Great run though, and the new Asics Cumulus 18 G-TX performed very well. My feet was the only part of me still dry and warm when I came back home :).

I’ll follow up with a more detailed review and thoughts on the shoes once I’ve put a few more kilometers into them.

Source: nds_runner’s 0:57 h Running Move #SuuntoRun

Birthday presents!!

So yesterday was my birthday and boy did it deliver! I got not one but two pairs of new running shoes. The Asics Gel-Cumulus 18 G-TX to cover my rainy runs, and the Asics DynaFlyte for longer runs on the treadmill. I am now officially kitted out and have absolutely zero excuses for not running regardless of the weather!


On top of this S made one of my favourite Japanese dishes, tonkatsu with pasta sallad, and L gave me a fantastic birthday card that she made all on her own.

What a day! 🙂

Morning quickie across the bridge

Morning quickie across the bridge

16.11.2016 – 0:29 h 5.65 km, Running Move

Quick and short morning 5k across the bridge. My plan was to take it easy and run on time and not on distance, but my legs decided otherwise and I ended up keeping a really good pace. Only trouble was the occasional ice patches that nearly sent me flying a couple of times. Otherwise I would have probably set a new PB on this route.


Source: nds_runner’s 0:29 h Running Move

Technically a trail run? 

Technically a trail run? 

13.11.2016 – 1:10 h 11.07 km, Running Move

Hi again! I was planning on a relatively laid back 10k today but since it was too cold for my regular shoes, and my winter shoes are studded, I decided to follow some of the forest paths in the neighborhood.

I forgot to take into account that the paths would be all covered in snow, about 40cm of it actually.

Thus the laid back run turned into a trial of slippery, snowy tech trail way out of my comfort zone. But it was still a great run. I had a ton of fun and my legs feel like sponges :).

(I didn’t bring the camera but so I used a photo taken a couple of days back, still you get the picture 🙂 )

Source: nds_runner’s 1:10 h Running Move

So long, Marianne

So long, Marianne

These are odd days. I came back from my last run just to in time to see Trump win the election, and today as I read the morning news I learn that Leonard Cohen is gone.

I won’t even try to write a eulogy or otherwise summarise his amazing catalog of music, but I feel like I need to write something at least.

His album ‘Songs of Leonard Cohen’ was one of my first really profound music experiences as a kid. His voice and lyrics so well paired that it grips the heart and simply won’t let go until you’ve at least tried to figure his message out.

Loosing him, because it feels like loosing a far off relative almost, will pin today’s short run in my memory I suspect.

If you haven’t listened to him before, I suggest you do so now. You can find his catalog at Spotify, start with the above mentioned ‘Songs of Leonard Cohen’.

Headphones recommended.