Last run before the Winter 10k!

Last run before the Winter 10k!

30.10.2016 – 1:01 h 10.38 km, Running Move

Today I set out to do a slow and nice 10k. I managed to keep the pace just under 6 and my HR around 150-160 for the entire run, which was not too bad given that I used to end up way over the one hour mark unless I pushed myself up to 175.

I was mindful of my right knee and there were a few lingering reminders that I am not 100% recovered yet, but in the end all went well. I also had quite a lot of muscle soreness throughout my body after yesterday’s 2h gym pass, but it still felt great to hit the road.

It was another day with perfect blue skys, 6 degrees and the most amazing forest views.

This will be my last run before the 10k race next week. Or so I plan. My thinking is that I will give my body a chance to recover fully and rest a bit so that I can hit the race day without any worries.

It’s ‘only’ a 10k and I have no ambition to run against the clock, but I know how easy it is to be swept forward by the other, much faster runners.

Lot’s of anticipation and a little bit of nervousness…

Source: nds_runner’s 1:01 h Running Move


Nathan Lock Laces (and how to avoid unnecessary face dives)

Nathan Lock Laces (and how to avoid unnecessary face dives)

This summer in New York, I bought my first pair of running shoes in 10 years. After trying out and fitting, including getting a pair of custom in-soles, I asked the clerk (at Jack Rabbit) if there was any other way I should (or could) pimp my new rides.

He smiled secretly and told me ‘There is a way, but you’ll have to promise not to laugh when you see what I mean’).

From behind the counter he brought forth a small, black bag with the words Lock Laces written across. No need for fear of laughter, in my mind I immediately started imagining scenes from Back to the Future or Alien(s), where my Lock Laces snuggly fitted my shoes with a high tech hissing sound (and some laser).

Turns out they weren’t quite that high tech, but the Nathan Lock Laces still turned out to be pretty cool. It’s essentially elastic shoe laces with a locking mechanism which means you’ll never have to tie your shoes again. Also, there’s zero risk of the laces coming loose while your running.

14726449_201216510304628_5959645110386819072_n1One unexpected but really nice benefit is that the elasticity allows the laces to adjust to the shape of the back (top?) of your foot, giving a super snug and comfortable feeling.

I use them on all my running shoes and I recommend you give them a try! I’ve never had them break, come loose or otherwise act weird so a 5 out of 5 from me.

I have no affiliation what so ever with Nathan, and have never been in contact with them.
These are just my personal thoughts after having used their product.

S is the Best!

I’ve published many posts so far about runs, pain and gear, but I haven’t posted much about my greatest supporter, re-fueler and motivator, S.

It was S who first got tired of my whining and whipped me into doing squats and planks earlier this year. If she hadn’t, I never would have gotten started.

At the same time she worked super hard to remove as much carbs as possible from our food, which meant getting creative in all kinds of ways. Sidenote: I’m totally lost in the kitchen and S is a fantastic cook, so all the hassle of getting our pasta-loving family off the carbs fell on her.

This boot camp period in May was what really set me out on this journey, and her continued advice, support and encouragement is what keeps me going forward!

Thanks S! Love you bunches!

Shortie in the morning rain

19.10.2016 – 0:33 h 6.03 km, Running Move

Way over dressed which def slowed me down. I was imagining winter colds but it turned out to be over 8c. You learn a little every day…

I’ve been told to cut back from 25k /week to 20 which means my Wednesday runs will now be 5k for a while.

Looks like I need to build some more leg strength in the gym before upping the distance again.

Source: nds_runner’s 0:33 h Running Move