Across the bridge again, headwind is deadwind…

30.9.2016 – 0:26 h 5.02 km, Running Move

In my current routine every Friday is a new attempt at getting to 5 under 25. For this purpose I’ve designed a rather flat and easy 5k route that takes me across a long bridge over to a nearby island.

On todays run the headwind going back across the bridge was absolutely brutal. (Apparently the news said to stay away from bridges and watch out for fallen trees on the roads…) This almost completely sucked the strength out of me and after making it across it was all about just staying moving at least until I cleared the distance

Thus… no new PB today. Strike that, just went back and looked at the data again, and it turns out that I DID move my 5k PB with about 4 sek. Yay for that! 🙂

BTW, I figured out the best way to clean my shoes. 10k in pouring rain on asphalt. They look brand new again ;-).

Source: nds_runner’s 0:26 h Running Move


Defying the elements!

I woke up this morning with the rain pouring down and the wind whipping the bed room window.

For a moment I considered delaying the run to the afternoon as the weather report stated clear skys after 3pm, but instead I decided this was one of those moments that separate Runners from runners.

Determined to prove myself a member of the former I put on the gear and headed out.

I decided against my usual forest track since my shoes are totally not built for trail, and the prospect of slipping in the pitch black, wet forest seemed like a super bad way to start the running this week.

Instead I improvised a new track that took me down into the city.

For the first couple of kilometers I was almost laughing at how crazy it was to be out at 5am running in the middle of a fall ‘storm’, but after a while the sensation of being on top of the elements instead of bent to them took over, and I started feeling incredibly strong.

After 10k I still felt great, in fact it was my least exhausting 10k run so far, even though my gear had probably tripled in weight by the end.

In short, first ever long run in the rain.

Felt very very good to defy the elements and keep going.

Source: nds_runner’s 0:57 h Running Move #SuuntoRun

Stuff in my running pack, pt1

A while back I was ranting about taking photos during runs, and how to carry the necessary stuff with me. I solved the carry problem by getting a small running pack (the Osprey Rev 6 which you can read about here).

For taking the photos, here’s the setup I will usually stuff in there:

  • A small gorilla stand with those bendable legs
  • A wide ‘holder’ for the phone
  • A small remote control for setting off the shutter

This setup allows me to set the camera up just about anywhere, and also to remotely start recording or taking photos. This last part is great for checking running form, stride, posture or simply selfies :).


Nice and slow, for cardio and fat

25.9.2016 – 1:26 h 13.02 km, Running Move

Today was all about staying in the right HR zones and burning fat.

My goal was to keep the body from tapping into the carbo stores for as long as possible and instead give enough oxygen to keep burning fat instead. I set my target between 150 and 160, which gave me a slower pace than usual but a good rhythm and nice breathing pattern.

After the first 5k I realised I wasn’t tired at all so I decided to extend the route to include some of the Winter 10k course that I will be running in November.

Finally as I approached the 10k mark it was also clear that I could keep going so I simply added on the usual extension 3k that is usually at the end of my normal 10k route. Yes that sounds complicated but its really about a 3k detour that’s necessary at the end of my running loop in order to extend it to 10k.

In all I think it was a good run without pain and with moderate effort.

Source: nds_runner’s 1:26 h Running Move

Initial thoughts on my Osprey Rev 6 Pack

When I run I like to bring a few small items like a phone, a small gorilla stand for photos, sun glasses and a light running jacket in case of rain. In the beginning I tried out flip belts, arm pouches and stuffing things into the minuscule pockets of my running shorts.

None of these ideas worked very well. The belt caused an awkward pain the lower back, the arm pouch gave me the feeling that one side of my body was heavier than the other, and needless to say the shorts pockets were just too tiny.

20160923_104351In addition, I had read somewhere that if you are going to run at a good pace for more than 15km or 90 min, having some form of hydration supply is a good idea.

Since I’m aiming for longer distances, and want to get into trail running at some point, I decided that a hydration pack might solve all of my needs in one swell go.

Thus, on my last trip to NYC I ventured into Paragon Sports just by the Union Square on Manhattan.

There I tested out several packs, but in the end decided to go for an Osprey Rev 6. The reasons where simple. It’s small but can still carry quite a lot of stuff if needed. It’s ‘cheap’ (well, $99 USD) but still of very good quality. It has a lot of pockets both on the front and the back, which is great if you like to separate things (which I do). Finally it has a very robust and simple to use and clean hydration pack.

Since then I’ve used it on all my run, regardless of distance. For a 5k or a 10k it probably looks like overkill, but I don’t carry it for the water (in fact the bladder is empty on those runs) but rather to stuff the rest of my kit in. It’s so light and snug that I immediately forget it once I start running.

I haven’t run with any other packs, but I can wholly recommend this one if you need a small, practical and well thought out carry and hydration system for your runs, regardless of time or distance.

Instead of doing my own video I found this random person doing a pretty good overview of the pockets and functions. Just note that the hydration pack has been updated to the system you see in the next video below.

How to clean and use the Hydration Pack:

Take the good passes with the not so good ones…

Take the good passes with the not so good ones…

Spent an hour at the gyms this morning with S. This has become our Saturday routine these past few weeks and I really really enjoy this time together.

It feels great to spend this activity time together though I may be a bit over protective in terms of worrying about balancing the load of exercising with her sickness. I know she can manage that fine but I can’t stop myself from nagging her about slowing down and taking it easy.

Anyways, today was a difficult pass since there were quite a lot of people in the gym. This made it hard to keep up the pace in my routine and in the end I felt tired but somewhat dissatisfied.

I guess some passes are great, and some not so.

The important thing is to keep at it!

First time across the bridge! (Hint: it was really cold!)

23.9.2016 – 0:26 h 5.03 km, Running Move

Since the forest path I usually follow in my morning runs is now pitch black (autumn, no lighting) I decided to try a new route.

20160923_104351Last night I used the Map function in Suunto’s service to create a nice and safely lit 5k path that would take me across a long bridge (over open water) to a nearby island.

All good, but even though I used my newly purchased running gloves it was still really chilly in the strong, salty winds on the bridge.

Still, I managed to beat my PB, and avoid tripping over roots and rocks while at it!

Footnote: You may wonder why I need a whole trail pack with hydration for just a 5k, but the primary reason for carrying it is that it’s the most comfortable way I’ve found to carry a phone, sunglasses and keys with me during the run.

Source: nds_runner’s 0:26 h Running Move